Saturday, December 31, 2011

How is 2012 for LEO Born in the world?

Hi this is about How is 2012 for LEO Born in the world? yes this is a forecast for Magam,Pooram,Uthram stars:

All Your Dreams will come True. 

You will emerge as a happiest Person on all matters and on your desire.

Agreat opportunity before May is expected. Use this opportunity. You would have eliminated  your Bad Gatherings. Now you will be clean and good to others in all views. You will change to your own Business which will florish well. You are going have a glorious year 2012. 
You will have the best advice from wise persons. You like that. That will guard you . You are going to sparkle in your acts. The results  and commitments will say you the Developments on this 2012.situations are good. You will do the necessary changes will get you higher benefits.
 You will get marry in this year before May 2012. 
You would have got seperated from some of your Bad Friends but their is a possibility to get reunited by June 2012. But You should not do this mistake is an advice. If that happens your all Glorious moments in your life on this year 2012 will not take place.You will get High Profits on your business. you can expect your promotions. your  family will be Joyful on many functions . You will get influenced by a family member which will get you Bad results and Loss or danger to your Life. 

Not to believe your family members fully.

real estate business will get huge revenue after July 2012. You will buy Gold/Diamond Jewels thatmay be for your marriages or for your daughter/son.

You will get an offer to go abroad for best promotions in your life.You will tour and travel to few countries.

Romance is in the year . Your Health will be good. few will recover from diseases.Few may revert to diseases after august 2012 if running Dasa is not Good.

mental stres will be their for uthram star .Best relief in all matters will be witnessed from July.


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