Wednesday, December 7, 2011

game in action to kill many Human lives is by Mr.Oman Chandi

Hi this is a people at Tamil Nadu requesting Tamil Nadu  - Hike on electricity charges at Tamil Nadu may please to reduce?

 Huge  hike on electricity consumption is a big burden to Tamil Nadu people is well Known to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. But this price Hike was done with the advices from joint secretaries is totally wrong. This is Damaging the Name and fame of chief Minister.

But this hike is done to please Prime Minister of India ,and by this hike charges people  to suffer and to realize and to create a artificial pressure between people,by that they must turn themselves opposing the protesters who protest at Kudangulam demanding closure of Nuclear plant is a Master Plan . The split will bring an end to the support to Protesters at Kudangulam is the prime Idea. By this Prime Minister will be pleased is alsoan idea. But this is a wrong thought. 

Please Note: Due to Lunar eclipse on 10th December 2011 Huge Number of Human lives due to water and water resources matters is definite. Vegetables , oil, Gold, Honey price will get increase. 
Unrest in the countries is definite. The countries which all going to face Huge loss of Human lives are France, India, Italy, Austria, Europe , and North America. All oceans will have huge waves and loss due to that can be expected.

Many Middle east countries will get in to the sea/immerse in to the Ocean is going to be witnessed by this world in near short future.  Please watch my prediction and find yourself the truth ness in the
Planet Powers on us.

so at this juncture , it is needless to support Programs of Prime Minister by Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu .Already D.M.K. is supporting the Anti - People  Government  is enough.In India Individual prestige and image is not at all required , only people welfare and safety must be an ultimate to Government.  so on this secretaries has to give importance and may please advise accordingly.

You can not avoid the damage of Mullai Periyar Dam , Because it was planned and decided by Congress Party of India. The leader who took all responsibility for this game in action to kill many Human lives is by Mr.Oman Chandi. All these for to loot the treasure at Ananda Padmanaba swamy Temple at Tiruvandram is well known to people. This  is  also we are going to witness,so now measures to safeguard Tamil Nadu people is a must . Temporarily send  all People from Kerala in Chennai and Tamil Nadu to Kerala.Particularly People who were relatives to Politicians Today at Kerala resides in Chennai in large Number, in many places they even post posters of their political matters of their state. Government know about these people,these people related to Kerala Politicians must be sent out immediately from chennai and Tamil Nadu is a must as safety measure.


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