Thursday, December 1, 2011

INDIA FOR SALE! Are You Interested to Buy ? rush to contact P.M.Office / U P A Chair person?

Hi this is about INDIA FOR SALE! Yes!Are You Interested to Buy ? rush to contact P.M.Office / U P A Chair person? 
are you interested in buy and sell?
Are you a Broker /consultant/agent/tout/liaison?.
Are you Really a Rich Man from a Foreign country?
Are you interested in Land acquisition at low cost in India?.

Already Politicians in India acquisitioned  the Lands belongs to Temples Chennai to Kashmir

Are you interested in  purchasing Temple Land acquisition?

Already Union Government and state Government offices through out India permitted these acquisition of Lands belongs to Temple to many Binami persons of Political parties through forgery Documents.  All Government offices connected to Land ,revenue,corporation or Panchayat Board offices are cleverly converting the Temple Lands  ownership on others Names.Many legal cases pending on this issue in Courts

To Add strength to this Now Government of India by U.P.A. Invites People from all countries and Retail  Markets to start retail Market in India with 51% share. Remaining 49% can be availed from Politicians of all parties or Binami of them

The Present Prime Minister and U P A Chair person are much interested to sell India to any interested people from foreign country to have one more scandal added to the account of the Present Government.
 People in India would have been  called for a Nation wide Very Big Revolution  by this time by Politicians like L.K.Advani if they are really interested in Country welfare.
Politicians of India likely to get settle at Italy and Sri Lanka. A Political leader of India is in Love with a Girl belongs to Sri Lanka.

U.P.A. Do not believe U.K. or London is a surprise
  How is this?     People also suspect that B.J.P in the name of cooperation ,may have a understanding with U.P.A.?

Press and  Media in India and in abroad  have fear from the U P A Government, so you can not expect a legitimate investigation and opposition on these matters  from them . 

People like L.K.Advani were also last faith in Democracy it seems? INDIA is On SALE! India is going to become as another Libya or Egypt?

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