Thursday, December 29, 2011

Arun Jaitley

Hi this is about Lok pal bill Today at Parliament and  Mr.arunjaitley .Today Arun jaitley and Mrs.sushma swaraj  lashed the weakness in Lokpal bill passed by Mr.manMohan shingh Team as U.P.A. . 

Arun Jaitley has to confirm that Members of U.P.A. that they all ,as Member of Parliament Today because of people voted and their by elected them, and they all not from heaven, People in U.P.A.must remember they are a part in people. This must be emphaiszed by people like Arun jaitley and others. While begging for votes people say that they are interested to serve to people and Nation but after elected they forget this completely and say ,Government can not hear every voice from the society. It means Democracy has No Value. This feeling in the mind and thought of people in U.P.A. must get change. Their is no Possibility,so People again going to teach them by not casting their votes in favor of I N C and its supporters/allied in the forth coming elections for state assemblies this include Uttar Pradesh. 

In the Name of Government few enjoy the wealth of this nation using the office as M.P./M.L.A./M.L.C.

In this M.L.C. is not at all required to administration. This M.L.C. category must be removed in administration of India. This is an unwanted expense in People Money and Grains and in others

In all government authorities These M.L.C. categorized people enter and try to make money by abusing power. Politicians to think how to end this? / dissolve.

Present Politician's must start to think when they are all going to start to work for people welfare and Nation welfare.


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