Monday, December 5, 2011

sexual volunteers WikiLeaks ?

Hi this is Hot News at this time from reuters ,say that sexual volunteers WikiLeaks ? used.

Message at Rush your visit to for complete story Swedish authorities want to question Assange over accusations of rape and sexual assault made by two female former WikiLeaks volunteers.
 Possibilities of sexual Volunteers by Wikileaks is not at all Possible. This is to collapse this Team of people who work against corruption and sexual mis use and mis use of offices by Government official's across the world . Countries supporting United States were creating all Bad names and actions for that is continues. In India also Wikileaks proposal to release the List of Names of Black Money Holders at Swiss Bank Account created an endager to the Good Name of Wikileaks.
so this world rulers will not allow people to live or work for against Scandals and corruptions and other mis deals. 
Now it is the Duty of People of this world to get together united as a union / forum to support Wikileaks. 

All right I like to say one more information to be remembered , that is Mr.Bill Clinton Husband to Hillary Clinton found to be Misbehaved and had sexual relation ship with his P.A. in his office was proved at court , than what is the verdict? why This world stopped digg that news,It is because of Fear from U.S.


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