Monday, December 5, 2011

do not watch Doordarshan Regional telecast on NEWS?

Hi this is about Please do not watch Doordarshan Regional telecast on NEWS?

Yes! Please watch the News in Hindi  than it followed by News in English delivering the sam news about national and abroad. 

But if you keep open two televisions to watch the News at Doordarshan National and Doordarshan regional, for example Phodigai  , for example watch the news at 8.45 P M to 9 PM  and at the same time at News at Doordarshan Phodhigai . The news in Phodigai is not covering all told in News in DD National , It filters all important and inserts all matters about regional only. So People who do not know English and Hindi and they are familiar with regional languages ,were loosing the chance to watch the Right happenings in India and Abroad. I feel this may be an exploitation arrangement by Government of India. 

In Press and Media we find many channels are partial and Backing one or other Political parties and not revealing the Truth , so People watch DD News at Phodhigai, But, DD not revealing the News fully to reach  people of India,here this may be a game or arrangement with Politicians /or set up to exploit People  or may be to keep people away from right Knowledges of Happennings in the country as a whole.

This attitude of  Door darshan to change for this Government of India has to Shuffle the Directors is a need of this time.

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