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Enjoy this ever green Video.

Here I like to mention one important Note. 

Now you are all informed about Thirukural - 1330 messages in one and half line scripts by Thiruvalluvar would have been missed by this world. 

Thiruvalluvar Compiled this Thirukural. He is a Buddhist saint lived at Mylapore in Chennai. He is not a Tamil scholar. He compiled this excellent wonders and submitted at Madurai Tamil sangam was at Madurai at that time for Approval as a Tamil Literature.

Madurai Tamil Sangam   Rejected totally and neglected    listening Thiruvalluvar in all the three times. In that situation,

Auvvaiyar a Popular Tamil Poet and Divine Women saint met Thiruvalluvar at Mylapore. Now you are viewing that Auvvaiyar a bit of her divinity through this video. There are so many like this about her.

She was looking at crying Thiruvalluvar and immediately listen the reason for the feeling in him. Than Auvvaiyar asked Thiruvalluvar to come along with her with the Thirukural he compiled to Madurai Tamil sangam. In those days   no Transport facilities like today, they reached Madurai by walk.
After reaching Tamil Sangam at Madurai, Auvvaiyar called the attention of all their and asked them to accept and approve Thirukural, on the High values of the messages and literature and the way in which it was presented. But Tamil Sangam rejected this appeal from Auvvaiyar, immediately she Got angry and by a poem called the divine Power and Thrown the Thirukural to the Pond Their. As soon she finishes her poem, Thirukural floated at the Top over a Golden Lotus Flower. So you all must know that because of the sincere effort of Auvvaiyar now we have Thirukural proudly at our hands.

The Last Government by Mr.Dr.Kalignar Karunanidhi Governed Tamil Nadu had a very Big Tamil Forum at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, where Platinum material is available in plenty in ten feet below the soil.

I sent a request to have a Gallery and a chair car for Auvvaiyar also in that Tamil forum. But not at all considered by the Government is a pain to me. Atleast the Present Government by selvi. J.Jayalalithaa - Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu  will start Respect Auvvaiyar and may please give priority to this Tamil Divine women Poet along with Buddhist Compiler Thiruvalluvar.

I wrote on this same matter at my blogs on many occasions.   I represented this matter to press and Media also. No One is respecting my words.

Government by Dr.J.Jayalalithaa may please initiate on this matter to respect our Tamil Literature and literates. This will be a guide line to all in future Tamil nadu administration. Auvvaiyar is a great symbol to Tamil Culture and Tamil literature.



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