Thursday, November 17, 2011

aavin Milk and Electricity

Hi few days back Union Government reduced petrol Price about Rupees 2/=. But Today State Government increased Electricity charges. Union Government to secure good Name with an useless reduction on Petrol Price.People will suffer from State Government increase price on electricity  charges. But this may be to make the People mind to favor Kudangulam Plant Nuclear plant operation ,also may be a support to support Union Government on this issue. State Government started caring People with a rapid speed but at this point of time the price increases will disturb People and economy. In future the involvement of finance and may be a corruption deal in that will also an expected in the present corruption's  of Union Government.It can not be a surprise also,No one is asking to reveal the Budget and investment and other agreement details to give to the knowledge of people,because this is from people Money.

aavin Milk to  increase Price  was a long Pending issue and it match with other brands ,so people may accept this increase

In aavin Milk Tamilnadu Government may issue machines to prepare receipt like P T C conductor Do. This will enable the Amount credited immediately in to the Bank account  concerned . Milk cards can also be like Debit cards instead of Paper cards. people can be allowed to recharge their requirements at the specified points. 

On this May State Government of Tamil Nadu can arrange accordingly at aavin to recharge at recharge points to the level of required to increase the sales of aavin Milk and its Turn Over. 

In the Last Government administration in aavin their was duplicate cards was a strong rumor in people of  Chennai talk is to me remembered at this time.

Now a request to Tamil Nadu Government,may please reduce the price   from the increased a permissible  amount, Please do no allow ant protest for this,any unrest is an unwanted disturbance to Government Operations.Because Opposition parties and Rowdies/Dada's may be looking for an opportunity. do Not offer  an opportunity. If offered than this Government at Tamil Nadu is once again try to revamp D.M.K. - a dead political Party on date.

aavin Can Do Wonders along with the  Government support and help  by all Means.


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