Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Clothing for Pregnant women available now! says Pooja Dhawan -UK retailer!

Hi this is a Hot news I read at yahoo india. Lot of message about this and Iyshwarya rai image as a celeb is also available here.Pregnant women are now viewed as fashion icons, a trend that has fuelled a market in chic maternity clothes. It’s a hot fashion trend to be pregnant, one that brands are capitalising on. “ Maternity clothing is fashionable as the idea is to celebrate your new curves in style, not hide them under layers of clothing,” says Pooja Dhawan, India head of Mothercare, the UK retailer. Maternity fashion shoots and ramp shows are becoming big business now that baby- induced curves are both fashionable and sexy.

above all if you want to see celebreties in Nacked as Pregnant ,Now it has become fashion to show that pose also in Internet ,Try this visit Yahoo!India to watch the latest celebreties as pregnant in Naked View. Public display of Pregnancy by film industry people The swollen belly has become the new erogenous zone, competing with big breasts. Visit YouTube videos right now to watch these video's.Now it is Demi Moore’ .

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