Monday, November 14, 2011

Republicans vow to stop Iranian nuclear bomb

Hi this is about Republicans vow to stop Iranian nuclear bomb .Republicans sharply criticize Pakistan in debate. Hi this is a News from .visit reuters to read this matter in full.

on This Iran will not be passionate on affairs going to happen in the country. It will certainly try to Damage all important forces at U.S..Iran is with huge atomic Powers. This is superior than U.S. or Russia.or china. 

So U.S. not to poke in the matters of Iran is safe to U.S.politics and administration.This is my view.

But U.S. will have a turn around with its forces at Pakistan can be seen in a short period. In the Matter of disturbing pakistan Major Portion of Afghanistan going to get damaged also a small part in Northern India. The damages in India may be the consequences of attacks on Pakistan.This is what people are going to witness before %th December 2011 in this world.

In Korea their is the possibilities  destructions can be expected. This is also my Prediction.


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