Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hi this is about Cleaning. Cleaning makes a sense and reflect in our Health. If we keep our House clean than street get loaded with Garbage so we need to keep the street clean. for that corporation,s like chennai corporation were working to keep us stay healthy. Also if the Garbages are not cleared /cleaned than against heavy rain shelling it will pave way for Musquito generation,so because of that people health will be under question?

 But chennai corporation i doing their best.

But still few recommendations; Assistant executive engineer's and executive engineers were provided Automobile facility like Jeep to invigilate the areas and Zones. They must be instructed to inspect the streets as a part of their duty on every 10 days. they may be asked togive a report on this to Asst.commissioner / Cpmmissioner/Health Minister.

Garbage clearing Trucks/Lorries were always running in the Middle of the street ,on many occassion these Lorries were not providing space for even Two Wheelers to run. Blocking the street and cleaning garbages by Trucks may be inspected and instructed properly to help people Traffic.Why I tell this because , Today a Two Wheeler asked to go by the side passage of a cleaning Truck .This indication of the Truck Driver not known to the people who work at the back side and they were loading the carbage bin to Truck,on this situation the Two wheer who passed in the side Truck hit at the cleaner with Handle bar Unfortunately. But thecleaner started scolding him using many Unparliamentary words. This is a shameful act of a Government Servant. so Engineers who are on the Job may inspect  such Lorries will definitely avoid such Troubles to Both the people and the cleaners.

May I request the Ministry to take this matter seriously and may instruct for the welfare of the people.


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