Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Do not Follow Any God Created By Man on the earth. Request To people

I would like tosay a reply for your comments. 

Lord Jesus is also a Man like us born on this Earth.  Lord Allahu is also a man who born on this earth like us.

But above all these God Messengers we people are controlled by Universal omnipresent power. 

Please Think who is the God before Lord Jesus to christians on this earth. why he has become inferior than Jesus. 

Earth and people in it is as per evolution and I strongly believe that In the Name of Divine Many people make Money. God is a word used in Money making Process using this weaknes ,which was created by few fore fathers. 

God - a feel was created to keep epople to follow Morals. Now on date in the world Morals were dead. So Now this is the right Time to People ,Must to go away from the thnking of Jesus or Allahu or any other form of God created bu elders. These Formats of God is not Natural. 
Man has to believ the Nature only.

Example for cheating people using God as Mean - Sathya sai baba who was a saint had 40,000 Billions at the time of his death few months ago. what the government did? Nothing,The entire Money was Looted few clever people and Industrialists and politicians. People /International Media did not questioned or digged this matter is a painful matter in this.International people will support all fraud saints who use the name of god for their make money Process. 

Today People faith in God made many Chartered Accounts .Cost Accountants got in to the Make-up of Saints/sage/or telling epic stories and Bajans/chantings ,continue to cheat people.why becaue they Get Huge income on this . One Swamiji who is popular on Televisions said , if I am a C.A., Than he further say that he  can able to earn up to 3 Lakhs perMonth but after he called himself swamiji by giving few discourses . Also People say that people like him may have the possibilities in helping International politicians in  Fund Tranferring between countries. Here International countries must strat vigillance chek ups is a people request.

Sun May be treated as God. with out sun Nothing will survive. At the same time we need to realise that Sun never depends on anything for its survival.

Thanks.Rest in the next.

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