Monday, November 7, 2011

Michael Jackson death secret

Hi this is about Michael Jackson death secret! Already I predicted in my earlier post about this Death,yes , I told it is a Planned Murder , Also I told the doctor is the main criminal who killed Michael Jackson by injecting over dose antibiotic and Pain Killer medicines. 

doctor will not  prescribe variety of anti bodiotics with heavy doage of Pain killers. All ready Medical panel in the world telling people ,not to use pain killers why because they are harmful and incourse of that stroke or heart attack is possible which leads to sudden death.

In this case ,Doctor killed Michael Jackson is the truth,also to note who pressured this doctor to do so is to be brough to light by Justice is the need of the day. a part from a family member / child hood friend/relative/professional enemy must had involvement on this death.

Death of Michael Jackson is great loss to Music world and to the people in particular at United States of America.

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