Sunday, November 13, 2011

Indira Congress closure for reasons?

Present Indira Congress is deliberately killing the Values of Democracy, and it is teh dictatorship of Sonia .Our Political setup today is pathetic. How dare she is Nominated a person as Prime Minister for full % year Term Prime Minister candidate must be get elected ,= this is a change we need in our constitution. Rajya sabha Member must not be given any Ministerial Portfolio's. Most of teh Rajya sabha M.P's are Nominated. than what is the use of Holding the elections.

Election commission or Judiciary are not protesting or not claiming their rights over ruled here .

Election commission is making People of India fools by holding Elections. why and what is the secret of Election commission support the acts of Mrs.sonia -U P A Chair person.

why parliamentarians including opposition parties were not questioning these wrong acts.

why people of India were keeping quite on these decisions to appoint Even Prime Minister - Top Most Powerful Position from Nomination by a Political party Leader?

Why Press and Media were not questioning on this matter? Press and Media would be having fear to face Prime Mister office.?

Judiciary have the fear to challenge Prime Minister office. ? why?

All the way almost four years on completion ,a person as Prime Minister in Prime Minister office on Nomination, why it is not questioned by pres and Media?

Aged leaders are also behind this Killing Of Democracy,Why?

But World say Democracy in India is the Largest Democracy in the world. But world is also watching this ridiculous action of  U.P.A. rule in India By its chair person Sonia.

on all these U.S. and U.N.O. are suspected to have hands.

Google in India can not do any thing because it has to obey the rules of Union Government in India. so possibility of Light on Truth has become megure.

In Ultimate Present Indira Congress Team will get Vanished completely  by the Next Up Coming Election results in India. On results of this election Election Commission also can not do any thing.

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