Monday, November 14, 2011

Is Israel Prepare for war on Iran?

Hi this is about Is Israel Prepare for war on Iran? No,No,No... Ordinary Man can not under stand the real situation and power of Iran today.People in Israel demand to go for war on Iran is  not a Right Move. 

Even U.S.,Russia,China and other countries supports on this This is not right at this point of Time . Today Iran is so Powerful with Atomic Power weapons. 

If Israel Dashing on Iran than it will face problems from Palestine taking due advantage of the situation. 

Also it is to be Noted, Honestly I Like to tell this that Iran Disaster will be an Unimaginable one from a war for only few Hours. My Dear People in Israel Please do not Go against Iran and Drop the Idea go on war on Iran completely from your mind and thoughts. Read the above words carefully and seriously. No country in the world can save you from Iran in any war. Countries may try to take the situations after war period. On Date No one in the world have any idea to fight to win against Iran. Iran can not be like Iraq. 

WE can not challenge the chemical weapons and atomic weapons of Iran. 

so Once again I like to request People of Israel ,Please revert from the idea of war against Iran. This is not right for your country welfare.


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