Monday, November 14, 2011

What Next in the world?

Hi this is about What Next in the world?. yes! Tibet going to get support from China. China Premier will ask Dalai Lama to take responsibilities to Organize Tibet. This is a Miracle can be expected in a short time from now. This would be a great response and Record in the History of the world regarding a Sudden change and extending warm welcome to Love. 

China will extend warm welcome to Dalai lama and Tibet people and will allow promotion of Bilateral relation with Tibet. 

This Miracle will take place in this world in few days from Now.

This is my Prediction. China and Chinese will start response to Buddhist Monks and Gradual importance to Buddhism Principles were all going to be witnessed by we people on the earth.

In my prediction I would like to say a prediction that is , it is highly impossible to operate London Olympics Like Beijing Olympics 2008. Many corruptions from the beginning would have been found or witnessed and investigated.  Also possible troubles from Middle east in Particular from Iran and Iraq in disturbing the Game show.  Also People of U.K. can be found in Unrest and with unwanted stress till the finishing day of Olympics 2012.

On medal Tally Germans and Russians can be found on higher side than sports people from U.K. it is usual to find in medal tally the Hosting country will be on the top because of the Home Town Players will do their maximum and do Highest records. But This Olympics 2012 will not yeild high numbers in Medal Tally for U.K. is going to be a record. 

Visitors from many countries will be less in Number than expected.


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