Monday, November 14, 2011

Election Result for the Upcoming election at Uttar Pradesh state in India

Hi this is about Election Result for the Upcoming election at Uttar Pradesh state in India.

The Election Commission is looking out for one option to conduct the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and Goa with those in Punjab, Uttarakhand and Manipur and complete them by February end in 2012.

EC plans assembly elections in 5 states by Feb, 2012, Early Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Assembly Elections for 5 states in early Jan 2012;

Election result prediction by me:

In the next up coming State Assembly election at Uttar Pradesh in 403 constituencies :

this is updated from the Last prediction  as per the trend today prevails at Uttar pradesh.


1. Kumari Mayawati - B S P Party will get success only in----  31 seats  only.---  

 2. Congress Party will get success only in - ------ -------         23   seats only ----   

 3. B.J.P. will get success in -------------------                        274   seats. ----*

4.  Mulayam singh party will get  ---------------------                 17 seats  only

 5.  Others / Independant candidates  ----------------                  58 seats  only.

   6.  amar singh party   will get                                                    - 0  -  seats
Total ----------------                                                                  403 seats. in Total for this state assembly. 

If Anna Hazare starts a New Political Party or Not supporting  B.J.P Party and supports Independants than the above result will have a change like as follows:

          B.J.P                will get                                                    104 Seats Only.
 Anna Hazare supporters will win in                                           228  seats Only.

This result is unavoidable if Anna Hazare is not extending his support to B.J.P.

This result you can witness in the results as available in the above prediction.


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