Monday, November 7, 2011

Why fear?says Mr.Abdul Kalam - People of Tamil nadu fully rejected the Advice?

Hi this is about Why fear?says Mr.Abdul Kalam - People of Tamil nadu fully rejected the Advice? Is it True? Yes!

People of Tamilnadu completely Rejected the opinion and advice from Mr.Abdul Kalam - Ex - President of India and a research scientist at Anna University.

After the advice from Kasinath balaji Mr kalam may be from the pressure from Union Government Adviced on safety concern of Nucler Plant at Kudangulam  and focused the need of this plant to overcome electricity deficit at Tamilnadu , But People who Protest for closure and removal of Kudangulam project  Rejected this advise. 

People talk at Tamil Nadu says  , will Mr.Abdul kalam accept to reside near by Kudangulam Nuclear Plant for continuing his Researches?. If yes, than we people may like to consider.

Will Mr.Narayan swamy Cabinet Minister at Prime Minister Office is interested to Shift this Plant to Pondicherry the state he belongs?,why Because as per his commitment and pressure to have the Nuclear Plant may allow him to have the prosperity of this Plant to pondicherry state. Does he ready for that? 
People also ask Will Mr. Narayana swamy Cabinet Minister at Prime Minister Office may please decide to have his residential accommodation near to this plant? and will he accept to go Parliament from this residence at Kudangulam for Days?.
 And why opposition parties Like communist party of India and B J P and other few national parties are not supporting this Nuclear Plant and also they were not Objecting this plant operation at Kudangulam is a surprise to people of Tamil Nadu.? The opposition Parties were also Not showing interest on the life of people at Tamil Nadu. This is a curse?

Ex president Mr.Abdul Kalam and Kasinath balaji and Mr.Narayana swamy were say to have this Plant operation, Also they strongly recommend that the plant is with full of complete security measures. 

For their remembrance , on any out come of war or dangers from any upcountries or foolish terrorists , than the missile attack or any other attack on this plant and on plant at Kalpakkam will claim the entire lives at Tamil Nadu. so with out Lives what is the use of having this plant? 
No one is ready answer. They say that is because of Brutal action by some one or due to Natural calamity  etc.
so Firmly People at tamil Nadu rejects this Nuclear Plant operation at Kudangulam and they are interested to help to shift this Plant's to any part of the world ,as per the interest of the Government. 

 So Mr. Abdul Kalam Advice on this matter has been rejected by People of Tamil Nadu.


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