Thursday, November 3, 2011

Converting Anna centenary Library to Children Hospital Right or Wrong?

Hi this is about Converting Anna centenary Library to Children Hospital Right or Wrong? There is nothing wrong in this conversion. Matters connected to Education were all brought under one Roof is the Plan. Also Children Hospital is a need of thsi time. so using theempty building for the right cause is right. Government is not digging on the construction history? / expenses History?

In my life time I saw Leturer's who taught Tamil language and litrature in colleges but they are not professor's / Head of the Department,and now I notice few of them with their film Industry back up joining in a Political Party and pushing their Life towards their fame. They have not done anything to Pupil or people in this society is known to us. Now few lecturers because of Political back ground They try to pull Students and colleges in all their confrontations with the Government Programe's. In the present date situation students were  up to the mark in brillaince and they are not showing any interest to support any political People in India. They are hating corruption in the soil and they are joined their hands against corruption in India. Now It is not at all possible for Political Parties to pull students in streets for their Political benefits is impossible. 

Apart from few ex lecturer's of Tamil in colleges ,now with Political set up  none other are interested in protesting on this issue.

Any alterations for the benefit of growing knowledge through education is Permitted by courts. so Bringing the Library in One campus is absolutely right. It will allow students to get in to Library for their immediate refference quickly  with out huge time spent and travel avoided Money saved to students and many more benefits. 
so this change will have welcome by all People and Pupil.
Opposition Parties were cornered by people in the recent election and the parties do not have thing to comment or react. so political parties try to confuse students and bring their life in to trouble. This is a wrong act by non ruling political parties.Here I ave not mentioned the political parties Name why because That also will be steping stone for their growth again. 

I Would like to say that People of Tamil nadu must realize the values of democracy and to reestablish the strength of those values a New Political Party is a need at tamil nadu. That may be anational party from Anna Hazare. Or B.J.P. has to strengthen its values by servicing People of tamil nadu.

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