Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa at Tamil Nadu

Hi this is about Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa at Tamil Nadu. She as a chief Minister wants to offer a clean administration in Tamil Nadu in this regime of five years. Now as special care on Fair Price shop Distribution she directed all collectors and officers to react accordingly to have a clear Distribution.

Now I like to say my views.Honorable Chief minister may accept these. fair price shops allows supplies to Road side food shops/Fast food centers/Tea shops and others. This must be stopped. 

20 kg Rice has to be issued as per the choice of people . Few may like to have 20 kg of Raw rice and few may like to have 20kg of boiled rice and few may like to have 10 kg in both. so This must be allowed by an order from Chief Minister Office. It is not exactly in practice . Also It is so important to raid on Duplicate Ration Card's,Their is a list in shops they have which itself declares many duplicate data. Anna poorna plan and other plans for old aged is reaching people has to be monitored Properly. Government supply Rice 20Kg for free of cost so It is a must to have confirmed data base about card Holders and card . For This Government may please connect Voter Id with these ration cards will help in this matter, I believe.Thanks

Fair price shops has to asked to make arrangements to have all materials to supply to Card Holders from 1st Date of any month. people have money in this date.Many shops delay supply and blaming the supply of stores , this may be these people belongs to other political parties. Here attention is required.

Now people are happy to buy cooking products at Rupees Twenty five only where as the same supply effected at Rupees fifty in the Last Government administration period.

Now fair price shops started supplying useless /crushed rice to a maximum level in Raw rice like the earlier Government did. This adulteration may be happening in the Mid way some where before to reach the shops.This has to monitored.

For example Raw rice was in very poor condition but Dhoor Dal was supplied in Good condition .at the same time all these can not be monitored at all times by the Government or Chief Minister or Ministers. Ministry can bring reforms but it has to be monitored by officers concerned and workers at fair price shops.

In Fair Price shops by an order by Government may supply a minimum of Three Kg sugar to each card. Also at the festival times with a special order may Government arrange to effect supply of 1 Kg to all Card Holders as additional supply. Look forward the Government may accept these matters to make people life sweet.

At this time also make a request that may please sanction Pension scheme to these Fair price shops workers by a Gracious Order from the Good office of Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa is a need.  

These are all my views to my Government. Thanks.

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